About us
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Our Vision: “To be a successful firm that offers high quality, expert and innovative design &  consulting engineering services - placing a high premium on safety, efficiency, cost effective  solutions, integrity and good human relations.”  CKE was founded in 2004. Since then our  firm continued to expand and also  entered the global arena. Currently  CKE has offices in Australia and  Africa.  The executive directors of CKE are  all engineers with several years of  experience in various fields of  electrical engineering and working  on numerous different projects. All  our technical staff are highly skilled  professionals while we maintain a  good balance between specialists  and practical all-rounders. CKE is characterized by participative  management and practices an open  communication policy. Inputs of all  employees are valued and taken into  consideration. Work satisfaction lies at  the core of all our operations. Employees  are continuously encouraged and motivated while they enjoy extensive recognition for successfully completed  projects. Most projects involve physical structures such as substations, power lines or buildings and  accordingly employees also receive visual confirmation of their input.  Acquiring new and updated skills receives high priority in CKE. Personnel gain knowledge from each other's  experience as well as from scrutinizing the latest industry research. Seminars, symposiums and various  courses are attended on a regular basis to ensure the continual professional development of our staff.